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When you’ve been wronged at work, it is hard to know what to do next. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. MSB Employment Justice can help. We provide employment legal counsel to individuals who have experienced discrimination, retaliation or harassment in the workplace. We advocate on your behalf, so you can focus on moving forward.

Dedicated to Putting You First

There’s more to you than the situation you’re in. MSB Employment Justice is dedicated to putting you first by utilizing the combined knowledge and experience of its attorneys to create legal strategies  that are specifically tailored to help you get the justice you deserve. As a result, you can move forward with confidence.


Custom-Tailored Legal Services to Fit Your Needs & Goals

Justice can mean different things to different people. To some, it might mean an acknowledgement or determination of wrongdoing by their employer, to others it might mean money to compensate for that wrongdoing, and to still others it might simply mean a chance to be heard and understood. Or it might be a combination of all of those things, and many others. At MSB we understand that justice isn’t “one size fits all,” and our attorneys have the broad range of experience necessary to help you achieve your individual goals, whether that be through traditional litigation and alternative dispute resolution (mediation or arbitration), or some other approach. 

MSB Employment Justice uses a holistic and flexible approach to build custom-tailored legal services that fit  your needs—not someone else’s. We know the law, and we use our decades of experience to apply proven strategies, but we don’t follow the traditional “we’ve always done it this way” approach. And why  would we? You are unique. We listen to you to understand what’s most important. 

MSB's Commitment to Our Clients

We will listen to every client, provide an honest appraisal of their case, negotiate the best possible results or, if necessary, litigate for the best possible result.

MSB Employment Justice employment attorneys focus on collaborating with you to identify custom-tailored legal services that fit your story and your needs—not someone else’s. We don’t follow the “we’ve always done it this way” traditional approach. We listen to you to understand what’s most important.

Our Values: The Foundation of Why We Do What We Do

Our law practice is built on a foundation of the values we hold close. What can you expect when working with the employee rights advocates, attorneys and activists  of MSB?

Compassion: You’re struggling through one of the most difficult situations you may ever face. We will listen to you and do what it takes to help you get justice and move forward in life. The attorneys at MSB are counselors at law; we take that responsibility seriously.

Advocacy: Our clients often say that one of the most difficult parts of the workplace trauma they have suffered is feeling alone in what can often be a David vs. Goliath fight against a company with seemingly unlimited resources. The attorneys at MSB have litigated against some of the biggest and wealthiest companies in the country, and we like that just fine. We promise to stand with you, fighting for your rights on your behalf.

Discretion: The fear of being labeled for asserting your rights is real and valid. We deliver our legal services with discretion, only moving forward with legal action you’re comfortable with. Everything we do is based on your needs and goals.

Authenticity: Just like we want you to be real and open with us, we’ll be real and open with you. We promise to listen to your unique story, approach you with compassion and care, and deliver legal advice that fits your personal situation. 

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