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Sexual Harassment & Assault

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“What do I do now?”
When sexual assault or instances of sexual harassment occur, victims are often left feeling alone and wondering what’s next. It’s completely normal to feel confused and overwhelmed when a sexual assault occurs, but you should always know you are not alone. Taking the first steps to move forward means working with an experienced attorney to develop a plan of action to get you the justice you deserve.

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If you’re facing these challenging circumstances, the attorneys at MSB Employment Justice are here to help and support you through this journey. We’ll provide you with compassion and empathy as we fight to hold the individual or individuals who hurt you responsible for their indefensible actions.

What Does Sexual Harassment And Assault Look Like In The Workplace?

Anyone can be the victim of sexual assault or harassment regardless of gender, identity, sexual orientation, age, or race. In the workplace, instances of assault and harassment can look a little different than the typical tactics that may come to mind. It’s much more than just men in leadership positions propositioning lower-level female employees. Here are just a few examples of inappropriate behaviors, harassment, and sexual assault employees of all backgrounds can face in the workplace:

A superior or manager asks an individual to perform sexual favors to avoid losing their job. Leadership offers a promotion or a pay raise to a lower-level employee in exchange for a sexual favor.

Another employee or superior sends an individual an inappropriate or suggestive text message, email, picture, or social media message.

Another employee or superior tells an inappropriate joke aimed at another individual.

Another employee or superior reaches out to an individual inappropriately via a dating service such as Tinder, Hinge, or Bumble.

Seek Legal Help

Regardless of what the instance of sexual assault or harassment looks like in your workplace, it’s illegal under federal law. Perpetrators of sexual assault and harassment at your place of employment should face severe punishment, even if reporting the abuse is a difficult and painful reminder of what happened.

After sexual assault and harassment, the journey to justice can be confusing to navigate, but you never have to go it alone. You always have the right to seek legal help to file a complaint and hold your employer accountable when an assault, harassment, or inappropriate behavior occurs.

Clearing Up Consent

Oftentimes, inappropriate sexual situations in the workplace can create a dangerous environment that leads employees to act in ways they might not ordinarily. If you felt like you could not say no in a sexual situation with a coworker or went through with a sexual act in fear of retaliation, consent did not occur.

Consent can only come in the form of an enthusiastic and agreed-upon “yes,” between both parties participating in sexual activities. Silence or any sexual actions that require convincing, threats, or violence are completely non-consensual. There may still be recourse and remedies to hold perpetrators of inappropriate behaviors and advances responsible for any misconduct.

When you’ve been put in a difficult situation in the workplace, or when saying no felt dangerous to your health, safety, or occupation, you can seek legal counsel to help secure the damages you deserve.

MSB: Advocates Against Sexual Misconduct

Workplace sexual assaults and harassment are nothing to take lightly if it happens to you. The lingering mental and physical effects of such an experience can impact a person’s health negatively, which is why you need an advocate to help fight against your employer.

At MSB Employment Justice, we understand that every instance of sexual assault and harassment is different. Our team of dedicated attorneys offers holistic legal support and individualized attention, listening to your unique circumstances so we can craft an effective legal strategy to fight in litigation. We’re here to stand up on your behalf when it feels like everyone else is leaving you behind. Secure the best legal services when you experience a sexual assault or harassment in the workplace with counsel from the experts at MSB. Don’t wait; send us a message online or contact us today by phone to get the justice you deserve.

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