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The experience of losing your job can be terrifying and stressful. You’re left wondering where your next paycheck will come from, how you will pay your bills and support your family, and how being fired may affect your future career. All in all, anyone can feel scared, angry, and alone when going through wrongful termination.

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If you’ve been terminated due to discrimination or retaliation in the workplace, it’s crucial to know your rights. Wrongful termination is illegal, and an experienced wrongful termination attorney can help you hold your employer accountable. The trial attorneys at MSB Employment Justice can assist in moving forward and recovering the compensation you deserve after a wrongful termination.

Examples Of Wrongful Termination In The Workplace

Unfortunately, the most typical reasons for wrongful termination are  workplace discrimination and retaliation. Discrimination against an employee based on certain identifying factors is illegal and protected under federal and/or state law. For example, it is illegal for your employer to fire you because of your:

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Sexual orientation
  • National origin
  • Disability
  • Medical condition such as pregnancy
  • Marital status
  • Following your report of unlawful discrimination or other violations of law
Although discrimination against an employee based on race, gender, or sexual orientation is the most common occurrence, there are other instances of discrimination to look out for that result in wrongful termination.  If you were fired after reporting discrimination or illegal conduct by your employer. You may have a claim for wrongful termination. It’s critical to take action and get the compensation you deserve after a wrongful termination occurs.

Employee Claims Against Employer

Another reason employers may choose to terminate an employee is due to claims against them regarding harassment or discrimination. This also includes retaliation after reporting safety and workplace policy violations to entities such as OSHA, COVID 19 laws, discrimination and other employment law violations. Retaliation from your employer is illegal, and it’s critical to take action and get the compensation you deserve after a wrongful termination occurs.

Parental Leave

Pregnancy and parental leave are also protected by law, and employers are required to hold your position until after the leave period ends. Unfortunately, in the United States, wrongful termination due to parental leave is all too common for both men and women.

Losing your position due to parental leave is entirely unfair, illegal, and unacceptable. A trial attorney from MSB Employment Justice will fight tooth and nail for you after wrongful termination due to parental leave. Call us today to learn more.

Legal Guidance When You Need It Most

If you believe your employer has wrongfully terminated you, don’t hesitate to secure the assistance of an attorney at MSB. We’ll support you through every step of the legal process and help hold your employer accountable after a wrongful termination. We aim to assist you in recovering the much-needed financial relief you and your family are entitled to after wrongful termination.

Our experienced trial attorneys have the willingness, dedication, and necessary skills to fight on your behalf for your rights in a trial if the need should arise. Plus, our attorneys will always put you first as we offer a holistic approach to all litigation processes. We tailor our legal services to suit your needs perfectly, providing you with compassionate legal services for wrongful termination cases.

Wrongfully Terminated? Work With MSB

MSB’s team of highly-skilled litigation attorneys is here to give you the support and advocacy required to move forward confidently after a wrongful termination. You have options, and you don’t have to go through this challenging process alone. Work with the team at MSB Employment Justice to hold your employer accountable and ensure that you and your family have the financial resources to make it through this difficult time.

Call us today at 612-677-2680 to explore your options and speak with a trial attorney about your individual experience. We provide personalized legal services for wrongful termination cases to help you take on your employer with confidence.

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