Alternative Dispute​ Resolution

Mediation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

Litigation, or the act of settling a dispute in court, isn’t the only option available to you. Additional options fall under the category of alternative dispute resolution.

What Is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)?
ADR is a process for settling disputes without traditional litigation in the courtroom. There are different types of ADR, including mediation and arbitration.


Mediation involves a mediator who helps you and the second party resolve the dispute. During mediation, you’ll have the opportunity to tell your story in a controlled environment. The mediator will help identify issues and potential solutions, so you can seek to reach an agreement with the other party.


Similar to mediation, arbitration results in an arbitrator hearing your story and the argument of the second party. The arbitrator will then decide the outcome of the dispute on your behalf. You can also choose non-binding arbitration, which allows you to request a trial if you don’t accept the arbitrator’s initial decision.

The goal of ADR is to facilitate collaboration between both parties. If collaboration can’t occur, there are additional options available. MSB will discuss your options with you, so you can move forward in a way that fits your unique needs. 

Restorative Justice to Improve Employer Allyship

Do you wish to remain at your place of employment? Or do you wish to take a stand and help improve the workplace situation for others? Restorative justice can help you voice your complaints without a formal proceeding, resulting in a conversation about how your employer can be a better ally for its employees.

Through restorative justice, you can receive reconciliation for your suffering while your employer receives necessary rehabilitation for their offense. Typically, restorative justice requires less information surrounding your allegations, resulting in less time to see a resolution. Plus, your employer is less likely to be hostile because restorative justice isn’t about who’s at fault.

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We know that traditional litigation can be scary, especially when going face-to-face with the organization that caused you or allowed you to experience unnecessary harm. The team at MSB Employment Justice will help you understand your options and make a decision that serves you best.

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