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Did that really just happen to me? These days, it can seem surprising to hear about instances of discrimination due to sexual identity or orientation. But don’t let improvements in societal acceptance fool you. Sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace is more widespread than many think — and might be hard to spot.

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MSB Employment Justice employs Minnesota sexual orientation discrimination attorneys to assist you after undergoing any kind of workplace discrimination. Call us today, and an experienced discrimination lawyer can look at your case. We assess the individual circumstances and recommend the correct actions for every client to take after sex-based discrimination occurs.

Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation: What Does It Look Like in the Workplace?

Despite recent progress, sex-based workplace discrimination still impacts members of the LGBTQ+ community at a higher rate than other individuals. Experiencing discrimination can be incredibly traumatic, but there are ways to hold your employer and coworkers accountable. Everything ranging from minor jokes and inappropriate comments to getting passed up for a promotion because of sexual preference is all covered under federal law.

Sometimes it can be hard to spot the signs of covert employment discrimination. The experienced sex-based discrimination lawyers at MSB Employment Justice will help you understand if what you’re going through is discriminatory or retaliatory. We cover a wide range of discrimination cases due to sexual orientation and preferences. MSB Employment Justice can protect you from:

  • Harassment
  • Wrongful termination
  • Cut hours or passed promotions
  • Unfair or unlawful policies
  • Disregard for accommodations
  • Favoritism
  • Retaliation after reporting discrimination or harassment

Seek Legal Help

Regardless of your employer’s actions (or lack thereof), you have the right to feel protected and respected in the workplace, no matter your sexual orientation or preferences. Put a stop to harassment, favoritism, retaliation, and other types of sex-based workplace discrimination with the help of the dedicated attorneys at MSB.

Dealing With Discrimination

The days, weeks, and months after instances of sexual orientation discrimination can be lonely and overwhelming. Navigating all of your legal options can seem like an impossible task, and taking on an employer is always scary. Luckily, with MSB Employment Justice on your side, you don’t have to go through this daunting process alone. A dedicated attorney will help you deal with discrimination and receive the damages you deserve.

Everyone is entitled to a safe working environment. When discrimination due to an employee’s sexual orientation or identity occurs, the workplace quickly becomes anything but safe. At MSB Employment Justice, we’ll work through your options and evaluate the situation so we can act fast and hold your employer accountable.

Whether you’re going through a wrongful termination because of your sexual preferences or are experiencing inappropriate or hurtful jokes and comments in the workplace that affect your productivity, we are here to help. Contact MSB Employment Justice now for compassion and support as you navigate through this challenging situation.

Not Just Discrimination Attorneys, But Fierce Advocates

Workplace discrimination based on your sexual orientation is a serious problem that can result in severe consequences for your employer. Know your rights, protect yourself, and receive the respect you deserve in the workplace with help from the knowledgeable attorneys at MSB.

At MSB Employment Justice, we’re so much more than just a law firm. We take a client – centered approach to litigation. Our unique process allows us to provide individualized legal services and advice that suits every client’s circumstances.

If you’re experiencing discrimination in the workplace due to your sexual orientation or identity, don’t let your employer get away with such inappropriate behaviors. Contact MSB Employment Justice and have a dedicated on your side to fight against workplace discrimination. 

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