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Why is ‘activist’ a part of MSB? 

First, why not? Shouldn’t we all be activists who seek to correct injustice when we see it? At MSB Employment Justice, we believe yes. If you see something, say something. Do something. That said, when you directly experience pain and injustice, it can feel impossible to do something. Many are burdened by their injustice and unable to take action – it shouldn’t be the burden of the survivor to be the one to take action. We all play a role. 

Second, we see injustice regularly. Employees are harmed by discrimination. Women, men and LGBTQ folx are subjected to sexual harassment and sexual assault. Individuals and non-profits incur losses due to breach of contracts and poorly written agreements. We hear stories of women, men and other folx who need to be pulled out of the river of injustice. And as we see patterns of these injustices, we recognize that there are powerful systems and bad laws that create an environment where harm to employees, individuals and non-profits persists. 

And so at MSB Employment Justice, we evaluate and identify ways to go upstream to tackle the root cause of the injustice. To advocate as a womxn’s rights activist, for example, to change the laws on sexual assault in the state of Minnesota. The pain a sexual assault survivor must endure is more than enough without having to justify in legal terms that the assault was sufficiently ‘severe and pervasive’ to constitute sexual assault under Minnesota law. 

We cannot take on all systems and laws that result in injustice and yet we know as advocates and attorneys at MSB Employment Justice, we have an important role in making our world and our state a better place for all.

MSB Employment Justice is a collaborative, client-focused law firm. You can trust MSB’s advocates and attorneys to provide outstanding legal counsel on employee issues, such as sex harassment and discrimination and non-profit and business law.  

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Bree Johnson

After more than a decade in the legal industry and BigLaw firms, attorney and activist Bree Johnson saw an opportunity to do more for employees who are mistreated in the workplace with a career move to representing employees and plaintiffs. See Full Bio

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