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Falling victim to discrimination in the workplace is an unfortunate and uncomfortable experience. Sometimes, making official complaints against your employer regarding discrimination or harassment can have severe consequences. Unfortunately, employers might start treating you differently, demote you, or even terminate you because of your involvement with a discrimination complaint.  Luckily, if you’ve been wrongfully terminated or retaliated against after lodging a discrimination complaint, you can fight back with help from the best employment law firm in Minnesota.

MSB Employment Justice assists in employment appeals cases for clients employed by businesses of every size and in any industry. Although you might feel overwhelmed, employment appeals are easy and stress-free with help from our experienced Twin Cities attorneys. Schedule a consultation with an employment appeals lawyer today to learn more about your options for fighting back against a discriminatory employer.

Understanding Your Rights as an Employee

Job applicants, laborers, and federal or state employees are protected by law from discrimination and retaliation in the workplace. State-regulated Human Rights Acts and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) bar businesses both big and small from discriminating against potential and current employees based on identifying characteristics, including:

  • Race
  • Color
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Gender identity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Place of origin
  • Pregnancy or family status
  • Disability
  • Genetic information
  • Age
  • Political affiliation

Laws also protect employees from retaliation who oppose discrimination or participate in the filing of an official complaint. Thus, you can appeal any retaliatory acts, such as wrongful termination, regardless of your role in a discrimination complaint. However, you don’t have to go through this process alone. Partner with the experienced attorneys at MSB Employment Justice to take on an employment appeal after wrongful termination or other retaliatory acts occur.

The Next Steps: Taking an “Un-firm” Approach to Employment Appeals

After lodging a complaint about employment discrimination, complainants are often targeted by leadership and experience unfair retaliation. Even persons or parties simply involved in the process of filing a complaint can experience retaliation in the workplace. Unfortunately, wrongful termination and other retaliatory tactics can take a toll on your mental and physical health, plus your family’s income. You may be feeling afraid or uncertain, but here at MSB Employment Justice, we apply a unique approach for all of our employment appeals cases, so you can rest assured of a positive outcome.

We don’t handle cases like your typical law firm. Instead, our employment appeals attorneys have an “un-firm” mindset, making your time spent navigating the complexities of being a complainant a total breeze. We understand and advocate for you using unconventional yet effective legal tactics to ensure you’re awarded everything you’re owed after making an employment appeal.

Understanding Your Appeal

Every instance of employment discrimination or retaliation is unique, which is why you need a reliable attorney to go above and beyond in understanding your individual circumstances. We can help you explore all possible legal avenues when appealing the actions taken after your initial complaint. Once a thorough consultation with one of our employment appeals lawyers is complete, we can determine the best course of action for your employment appeal case

Advocating and Taking Action

Finally, after taking time to understand your unique situation, our attorneys will help you find the proper channels to make an employment appeal. Whether you’re appealing to federal or state agencies like the Department of Labor (DOL) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) after filing a complaint or making an appeal to a private company, we always take pride in helping clients like you take action.

Our attorneys will be by your side every step of the way, advocating on your behalf to obtain the damages or compensation you deserve after filing your employment discrimination complaint. Put your trust in the employment appeals attorneys at MSB Employment Justice to achieve the best possible outcome during this difficult time.

Dedicated Employment Appeals Attorneys at Your Side

You don’t have to figure out the complexities of discrimination complaint appeals alone. Instead, you can have a trusted attorney at your side to navigate the nuances of employment appeals. At MSB Employment Justice, our attorneys are always available to discuss your situation and consider your options with employment appeals. We’ll ensure you go through the right channels to receive the compensation and damages you deserve after making a discrimination complaint.

If you’re concerned about filing an employment appeal and need assistance, we want to be at your side, providing you with outstanding legal representation. Contact us to schedule a consultation with an employment appeals attorney at MSB Employment Justice, the premier holistic law firm for employment issues in Minnesota.

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