What Is Mediation?

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Are you struggling with a confidential issue between a loved one or former employer? Instead of immediately pursuing expensive and often time-consuming legal routes, utilize employment mediation services from MSB Employment Justice. Often referred to as employment mediation, this is an alternative tactic to explore a variety of acceptable solutions during serious legal employment disputes, conflicts, or confidential negotiations. Employment mediation meetings take place at neutral locations where all parties can discuss their concerns fairly and find satisfactory resolutions.

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    Each party is encouraged to be candid when expressing their point of view during the mediation process. Our mediators can view the dispute objectively and help lead the discussion through different alternatives and unconsidered options. Employment mediators do not hold biased notions and will not personally gain from the settlement terms, making this an ideal choice for sensitive employment concerns. When you require a confidential and cost-effective mediation service to help find a suitable resolution in your legal disputes, turn to the skilled team at MSB Employment Justice for lasting results.

    Minnesota Employment Mediation Laws Explained

    Workplace mediation is a structured yet informal proceeding involving a third party that helps resolve conflict. This specialized legal process uses negotiation techniques and task orientation to encourage active participation in resolving disputes. Mediators can help facilitate settlements between two or more parties, including employees and employers. There are different types of mediation services, such as:

    • Pre-Litigation
    • During Litigation
    • Alternative Dispute Resolution

    Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a mediation method available to all parties and is facilitated by a neutral third party. While arbitration is a process of ADR and similar to a trial, mediation doesn’t involve decision-making by the mediator. When using workplace mediation services, the idea is to create an engaging environment to focus on developing a mutually beneficial settlement with the help of a non-judgemental mediator.

    Mediation and arbitration services are a sound alternative for employment disputes because they can help settle matters outside of court proceedings in a more private, non-adversarial setting. Workplace mediation also requires less time, energy, and money, which is highly advantageous for every side.

    Find Common Ground Through Mediation

    The role of a mediator is to supervise the exchange of information and aid in the negotiating process. Your mediator may also help draft a final settlement agreement. While a litigation process requires a judge to impose a decision over the matter, employment mediation allows the parties and their designated mediator to control the process, including:

    • When and where the mediation process takes place
    • Who is present during mediation
    • How the cost of mediation is covered
    • How the mediator interacts with each party

    Most employment mediation agreements are considered enforceable contracts based on the individual jurisdiction. However, if parties do not agree to a resolution and are determined to seek retribution, they might prefer to pursue their claims in court. Learn more about the custom-tailored services from MSB Employment Justice.

    Benefits of Using Employment Mediation Services

    Mediating legal disputes provides the potential for greater satisfaction for all the parties involved. See some of the many advantages of using mediation services:

    • You can avoid going to court.
    • It can save you time and money.
    • It is a confidential and private process.
    • It offers more control over your case outcome.
    • It’s ideal for employees to help preserve relationships or careers.

    Compared to court proceedings, the workplace mediation process is generally considered more inexpensive, prompt, and effective. This method allows parties to focus on their underlying issues rather than fixate on legal matters or perceived areas of truth or fault. Instead, it focuses on how these problems can be resolved.

    MSB’s experienced attorneys will diligently work as a non-biased third party to help facilitate tense negotiations between you and other employee parties to find long-lasting solutions. Contact our team today to learn more about our immense mediation services.

    The MSB Employment Justice Approach

    The skilled attorneys at MSB Employment Justice law firm can help you find fair resolutions using an affordable mediation approach. We help workplace parties resolve disputes and provide much-needed closure to difficult situations without going to court.

    Legal disagreements between employees and employers can cause significant emotional, mental, and financial strain, making it essential to find quick solutions. Any unresolved issues can result in costly litigation which further affects morale and productivity.

    At MSB Employment Justice, we have extensive experience navigating employment disputes through alternative conflict resolution. Using our employment law knowledge and tactful mediation techniques, allows our team to help settle these disagreements. Some areas that we provide mediation for include:

    • Discrimination
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Family Disputes
    • ADA Disability
    • Contractual Disputes
    • Retaliation
    • MN Parenting Leave
    • Reasonable Accommodation

    Strong Legal Advocates at Your Side

    Before spending your precious time, money, and energy taking a case to court, consider high-quality workplace mediation services from MSB Employment Justice. We provide a knowledgeable and professional approach to every employment mediation session, ensuring a long-lasting solution that aligns with all parties’ goals. Using an “un-firm” approach to cases, we can better understand the unique circumstances surrounding your situation.

    We will help you find the most cost-effective approach to help avoid the costly expenses of a trial. You can rely on our team to resourcefully navigate tense employment situations to help you find solid solutions. Contact our trusted employment attorneys today to get started.

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