How Much is My Wrongful Termination Case Worth?

Determining the value of a workplace discrimination/retaliation case can be complex and depends on several factors, including, but not limited to: (1) the severity of the conduct and the strength of the case; (2) the wage and benefit loss damages suffered; (3) the emotional (or physical) distress experienced, and; (4) the applicable laws in your jurisdiction. Ultimately, the value of your case will depend on the unique facts and circumstances of your case.

How are Wage and Benefit Loss Determined in a Wrongful Termination Case?

If you have experienced wage and benefit loss as a result of workplace discrimination or retaliation, you could be entitled to compensation for those losses. The amount of compensation you can receive will depend on the length of time you were subjected to discriminatory conduct, the type of discrimination you experienced, and the extent of the wage and benefit losses suffered.

When working with an employment lawyer, the first thing our team will help you to identify is your lost wages. We will determine the amount of money you would have earned, had you not been subjected to the wrongful conduct. This may involve looking at your pay stubs, tax returns, or other financial records. You’ll also need to consider factors such as promotions or raises that you were likely to receive, but now will not.

In addition to lost wages, you may have also lost benefits as a result of the wrongful conduct, such as health insurance, retirement benefits, or vacation time. To determine your lost benefits, you will need to consider the value of the benefits you would have received if you had not been wrongfully terminated.

Emotional Distress Damages

Emotional distress damages are meant to compensate you for the emotional harm you suffered as a result of the termination, such as depression, anxiety, and loss of enjoyment in life. When working to establish emotional distress damages in a case, journals and medical records from your mental health medical provider are often helpful—as well as testimony from loved ones who can speak to the impact the discrimination or retaliation has had on your life. Emotional distress damages can range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the severity of the harm and the makeup of the jury. 

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are any type of damage that can be awarded in a certain wrongful termination or sex harassment/assault cases in order to punish an employer for particularly egregious or malicious conduct. Unlike compensatory damages, which compensate a victim for their actual losses, punitive damages are intended to deter future similar conduct by the employer and to send a message to others that such conduct will not be tolerated. These types of damages are not commonly awarded, but when they are, the verdicts can reach well into the millions.

Understanding How Much Your Wrongful Termination Case is Worth

Every case is unique, and the value of your case will depend on the specific facts and circumstances involved. Understanding your rights when you’ve been discriminated or retaliated against in the workplace is important, so you can seek out the entire value you deserve.

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