Separation Anxiety: What to Do if Your Employers Offers You a Severance Agreement

severance agreement

Whether due to restructuring, mergers, reductions in force, or personal career choices, the process of parting ways with an employer can be complex, stressful, and often very emotional. Because of that, the critical first step in considering any severance agreement is talking to an attorney who has demonstrated ability and success in negotiating these agreements. The lawyers at MSB Employment Justice have decades of experience in this area, and here are eight reasons we think it is crucial for employees to talk to us before signing any severance agreement.

1. Navigating Legal Complexities

Employment law is nuanced, and the analysis and negotiation of severance agreements is no exception. As seasoned severance attorneys, the lawyers at MSB Employment Justice have a comprehensive understanding of the legal issues involved in employment contracts, and we use that understanding to ensure the terms of your severance agreement align with the applicable law and protect your rights to the maximum extent possible.

2. Optimizing Financial Terms

Negotiating financial terms, including severance pay, bonuses, and benefits, sometimes means thinking outside of the box. Almost all severance agreements include a global release of all legal claims. A skilled attorney can evaluate the claims you may have, and would be releasing, to ensure you are being fairly compensated for their release given your role and tenure with the company.

3. Protecting Your Rights

Severance agreements often come with additional strings attached, for example, non-solicitation agreements, confidentiality and non-disparagement requirements, etc. At MSB Employment Justice we act as your advocate, ensuring that these terms are reasonable and do not infringe upon your legal rights. We also ensure you are fully apprised of any ongoing obligations or restrictions on future employment.

4. Mitigating Legal Risks

Without legal guidance, you may inadvertently sign away important rights or overlook potential legal risks in signing a severance agreement. The severance attorneys at MSB Employment Justice can identify and address these risks, providing you with peace of mind that you are fully apprised of the terms of the agreement you are signing.

Customized Advice for Your Situation

Every employment situation is unique. The lawyers at MSB Employment Justice take the time to understand your specific circumstances, career goals, the dynamics of your departure, and what is important to you not just as a departing employee, but as an individual. This personalized approach allows the lawyers at MSB Employment Justice to tailor our advice and negotiations to best serve your interests.

Negotiation Expertise

Severance negotiations require a strategic approach. MSB Employment Justice can negotiate on your behalf, leveraging the decades of knowledge and experience our lawyers have built up working with employees from a wide variety of industries and pertinent employment issues to secure the most favorable terms.

Ensuring a Smooth Transition

The severance attorneys at MSB Employment Justice can also assist in negotiating terms that facilitate a smooth transition. Terms for discussion and consideration include transition assistance, career counseling, and communication strategies to ensure your professional reputation is protected.

Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times

Employment transitions can be emotionally charged and stressful. Having a skilled severance attorney by your side provides a sense of security, allowing you to focus on your future without the added burden of navigating these matters alone.


severance agreement

Hiring a severance attorney is a strategic investment. From ensuring your legal rights are protected to optimizing the financial terms of an agreement, severance attorneys play an important role. As you navigate the next chapter of your career, having a seasoned severance attorney on your side empowers you to make informed decisions and move forward with confidence. Contact MSB Employment Justice today to speak with our legal team about your severance agreement.

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