The MSB Employment Justice Difference

Imagine a new way to work with a lawyer. You’re struggling with a complex employment issue – your boss has been saying inappropriate things to you and your colleague and you are unsure of how to make it stop so you can do the work you were hired to do. The fear, stress, anxiety and overall uncertainty of what to do is overwhelming. After consulting a family member, you decide to contact a law firm. 

Imagine that your online form submission is responded to promptly – within 24 business hours. When you receive a call back, you speak with an attorney who is sympathetic and understanding. During the call you discuss what happened and receive guidance on whether you have a possible legal claim. You aren’t sure you are interested in pursuing a claim and instead want to understand all of your options, not just those within the confines of the legal system. You set a meeting to meet with MSB and understand you will learn about the upfront, fixed pricing for working with MSB Employment Justice at the meeting.

Imagine that you decide to hire MSB. You appreciate that you won’t ever be surprised by a legal bill. For legal guidance and information, you will know upfront what the fees will be and you are always in control to approve any additional work, research, drafting and consulting. When you ultimately decide how you want to move forward to stop your boss’ conduct, your MSB Employment Justice advocate will be by you side, supporting your choices with no pressure to file suit or any formal step within the legal process. You will know the legal steps, all options available to you and will be equipped with information you need at every step of the way.

Imagine that you decide to address your boss’ inappropriate behavior in the way that feels best suited to you and your goals. Your MSB employment attorney takes action with integrity, doing what she says she’ll do when she says she’ll do it. And your MJSB attorney negotiates ways to protect other employees in the future. You feel validated and treated with kindness and compassion by your advocate and attorney. When the process is over, you know deep down that you were stronger than you thought possible despite all the fear and anxiety your endured at the outset. You know others will be protected because of your bravery in speaking out.

The MSB Employment Justice Experience
This is the MSB Employment Justice experience. We work hard to understand all of your needs, both legal and non-legal. We will discuss a variety of options, including restorative law, individual advocacy, mental health referrals, the justice system and more. Legal guidance is given in isolation without regard to your full experience. You have many concerns, many feelings and you want your whole experience handling a complex issue to be acknowledged as you make the best decisions for you and your future. While no legal outcome can ever be guaranteed, we hope you feel the MSB Employment Justice difference.

MSB Employment Justice is a collaborative, client-focused law firm. You can trust MSB’s advocates and attorneys to provide outstanding legal counsel on employee issues, such as sex harassment and discrimination and non-profit and business law. Contact MSB Employment Justice today.

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