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At MSB Employment Justice, the cases we take on typically involve some level of trauma for each of our clients. Whether an employee is facing the effects of generational trauma based on their race or is struggling with an acute trauma response as a result of sexual harassment or retaliation in the workplace, it can be challenging to get any job done well when suffering the lasting impacts of a life-altering events. 

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    When a traumatic event occurs, you need a legal advocate in your corner to ensure you won’t be re-traumatized as you explore the legal process’s challenges and potential outcomes. MSB Employment Justice is a team of Minnesota attorneys offering trauma-informed advocacy services that support and empower you as you take action against your employer.

    Our goal is to give you the tools and resources to get started on a path to healing after experiencing trauma. When you want a trustworthy attorney at your side to help you through trauma, make the right call and choose MSB Employment Justice as your trusted trauma-informed advocacy law firm.

    Why Trauma-Informed Advocacy Is Important

    Being in a traumatic situation is difficult enough to deal with as it is for most people. Add the chance of litigation into the mix, and it can be challenging to convince yourself to reach out to an attorney.

    We recognize that you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by fear, anxiety, and uncertainty about the legal process. Taking action against an employer can be an emotionally draining experience that potentially results in retaliation in the workplace. All in all, it’s a scary time for just about anybody. That’s why MSB Employment Justice supplies an experienced attorney to assist you in reigning in your heavy feelings.

    Reaching out to an attorney often results in anxiety and trepidation for many. You might fear retaliation from your employer or feel anxious about the unknowns involved in the legal process. These emotions may feel too heavy for you to carry alone alongside the trauma you’ve experienced. That’s why MSB Employment Justice is here to help through our trauma-informed advocacy legal strategies.

    As trauma-informed advocates, we understand the emotions as well as the triggers associated with trauma. As a result, we’re able to offer holistic legal services focused on: 

    • Safety
    • Choice
    • Collaboration
    • Trustworthiness
    • Empowerment

    Trauma-Informed Training for Employers

    Employees aren’t the only ones who can take advantage of MSB’s trauma-informed advocacy services. Our trial attorneys also offer assistance and training to employers who wish to learn the skills to handle sexual assault, harassment, and discrimination in the workplace and offer support to those who may be experiencing those actions.

    Our comprehensive trauma-informed advocacy training program for employers delivers the proper tools to create a safe and comfortable working environment where employees don’t have to feel afraid to report instances of assault or harassment.

    Don’t let your team keep struggling when inappropriate behavior occurs at work. Gain the tools you need to deal with difficult situations, so your team can remain protected and productive in the workplace. Call MSB Employment Justice today to start creating a safer workplace for all in your organization with trauma-informed advocacy training.

    You Don’t Have To Be Afraid Of The Legal Process

    Here at MSB Employment Justice, we understand that the legal process can be frightening, frustrating, and often overwhelming for your average person. Luckily, we’re a holistic law firm with extensive experience providing trauma-informed advocacy in legal settings.

    As an employer or employee, you don’t have to be scared of litigation, especially if it means holding others accountable for reprehensible actions. Our trauma-informed advocates are here to guide you through any potential litigation every step of the way.

    We recognize that every person’s experience is unique, and no one heals in precisely the same manner after a traumatic event occurs. The trusted team at MSB Employment Justice will listen to your story to better understand your individual circumstances and needs in this case. We’ll offer you every option possible and give you the tools and resources to choose the best route to take for yourself moving forward.

    Don’t deal with harassment, assault, and other instances of trauma in the workplace alone. Make the call to MSB Employment Justice today and learn more about how our trauma-informed advocacy team can assist you in times of extreme distress.

    Learn More With MSB

    After going through trauma in the workplace, it can seem impossible to start moving forward and healing from the harrowing experience. Moving on and getting the respect you deserve in the workplace is easy when working with the trusted legal team at MSB.

    Our trauma-informed advocates are here to help defend your rights potential litigation. We provide a holistic approach for all clients, leaving you with an individualized plan to get through the legal process successfully. To learn more about trauma-informed advocacy for employees and employers to speak with an experienced attorney, call MSB Employment Justice at 612-677-2680 or send us a message online to get started on a path towards success

    MSB: Your Partner In Severance Agreement Negotiation

    Although the idea of retirement sounds nice in theory, there are many moving parts to your severance package that can make this process quite stressful. You may also be receiving severance for several other reasons, which aren’t quite as lovely as retirement. Regardless of the reasoning for leaving your current position, having an experienced severance agreement lawyer like MSB Employment Justice in place can assist you in securing the best possible pay and benefits.

    We’ll discuss your experience, accomplishments, and valuable contributions to the workplace throughout your employment. With this information and our years of experience in severance agreement negotiations, we can guarantee you the severance package and benefits you deserve.

    Your severance agreement should recognize and reward all the hard work and dedication you’ve given to your employer over the years. Don’t settle for less than what you deserve. Call MSB Employment Justice today to talk more with an attorney about how we can help you with your upcoming severance agreement.

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