How Does the New Paid Family and Medical Leave Law Affect Minnesota Employees?

paid family and medical leave

The Changing Landscape of Employee Benefits

Unfortunately, an age-old dilemma many families face in this Country amounts to choosing between receiving a paycheck and being present to care for a loved one. Minnesota has finally decided to address this issue—head on. On May 25, 2023, Minnesota proudly passed crucial legislation, which will enhance support for employees during pressing personal times.

Key Features of Minnesota’s PFML Law

The passage of what is being called the Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) in Minnesota means a fresh set of benefits and securities for employees. Let’s delve into the major attributes of this legislation:

Effective Date

The law, though introduced in 2023, will come into effect on January 1, 2026. This gives employers ample time to adjust their operations and policies to align with the new provisions.

Extent of the Leave

Managers, employees, and even those who are self-employed or own small businesses, are entitled to utilize up to 20 weeks of paid leave per year. This time can be leveraged for:

  • Medical leave, either for personal health reasons or to care for a loved one.
  • Bonding with a newborn or a newly adopted child.
  • Addressing matters related to military deployment.

Inclusivity of the Law

A remarkable facet of the law is its widespread applicability. It doesn’t just apply to large corporations, but extends its protection to smaller businesses–ensuring that a majority of working Minnesotans will benefit from PFML.

Aligning With the Federal FMLA – No Retaliation

While the new paid family and medical leave law is undoubtedly revolutionary for Minnesotans, it draws parallels with the federal, but unpaid Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). There are key differences, which we will not discuss here but, importantly, both the federal FMLA and Minnesota’s PFML assert that employers cannot retaliate against employees who choose to exercise their rights under these acts.

Job Security After Leave

After an employee’s return from PFML, the employer is obligated to either restore them to their original position or provide an equivalent role. Should an employee face a layoff while on PFML, the burden falls on the employer to prove that the layoff would have occurred regardless of the employee’s leave.

Learn How Minnesota’s New Paid Family and Medical Leave Law Affect You

paid family and medical leave

Minnesota’s introduction of the PFML is a testament to the state’s commitment to work-life balance. For those seeking clarity or suspecting a potential violation of their rights, consulting our seasoned professionals at MSB is always a wise choice. MSB Employment Justice boasts a team of experienced employment attorneys ready to guide individuals through these nuances. Contact MSB Employment Justice today to speak with one of our attorneys about the new Minnesota PFML law and its effects today.

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